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Degree Requirements

Graduate students

1. Students should complete at least 34 credits before graduation including 10 required credits (containing six credits for thesis and four credits for seminar)and 24 elective credits (at least 24 professional elective credits).

2.Each student should complete Academic Research Ethics Education Course which is a six-hour required course with 0 credit before graduation.

3. In order to meet graduation requirements, graduate students must complete thesis oral defense for the Master of Science in engineering degree.


1.Students should complete at least 131 credits before graduation including 90 required credits and 41 elective credits (at least 28 professional elective credits containing no less than three experimental courses (3 credits / 4 class hours) in EE.).

2.Please follow the rule of English, Computer Ability and Service Learning Graduation Threshold in National Chin-Yi University of Technology.

3.Before graduation, each student should complete Academic Research Ethics Education Course, which is 6 hours required course with 0 credit.

4.Liberal Arts General Study courses opened by College of General Education, are divided into 2 hours course with 2 credits or 3 hours course with 3 credits, ratified by Course Committee in 2012.

5.Students who get core certifications can apply to waive one of the following options:

One (or above) certification can transfer one experimental course only one time (no transfer graduation credits).

6.Students need to register for the course of inter-disciplinary program set by this department and have a record of grades.